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 Does this guild want to raid?

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PostSubject: Does this guild want to raid?   Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:30 pm

So out of everyone that is level 70, who is willing and able to raid on a reasonably regular basis?
I've watched so many raids fall apart at the last minute due to not getting enough people and t be honest, considering the size of the guild i'm amazed we can't get 10 people together!

Is raiding what the members of this guild want?
Are many people just happy questing/5manning/PvP?

I'd be interested to know what the majority look for in this game....

For all the nights i've been online, i've never seen any more than 20 (at best) people online at any one given time, for this i assume many players are like me, in that their gametime is limited due to life commitments. But, when online, what is it each person is playing for?

I for one want to raid but it seems theres only another 7-8 people like me in a guild of 160 members!! and a couple of them have left due to the raids falling at the first hurdle.

What direction do people want to see this guild move in?
What do people want out of this guild?
How commited are they to the guild cause?

I'm not expecting too much of a response to this as from the looks of it only 10% of the guild are registered to this forum.......and that speaks volumes about peoples commitment/want in this guild.
Seeing as the website address is in the guild note of the day along with a request to register and read the info its surprising this number is so low.

So, for those who are reading this; what do you want out of your gametime?

I want to raid when i can, how many others think the same as me?
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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   Mon Nov 19, 2007 2:46 pm

I couldn't agree more smallsy, there is very little direction within the guild at the moment - I am always up for a raid but I am usually dissapointed when I ask...... We have alot of players who are casual gamers, but things need to improve or we will find that people will continue to leave until to go back to where we started. Somebody needs to take control of the raiding schedule and become guild raid leader, regular timed runs are a must so everyone learns what time to log in to be considered for a team. Over the past few weeks I have lost a bit of my enthusiasm and have become resigned to not raiding with the guild - I hope we can change this. Also I think that nobody should be able to be promoted until the start using this web-site on a regular basis (We tried this once before and it worked very well), I am getting very frustrated that people really dont seem interested, to such a degree that I am rarely using my lvl 70 which is a great shame due to the time i have put in. Sorry for the rant^^

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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:15 pm

Before anyone can take the raids by the balls, i think we need to establish what percentage of the guild is game for raiding.

I do agree though, we do need to structure the raids, but thats not to say that methods havent been tried.
One designated "Raid Leader" as such i dont think is necessary. So long as we can get a balanced group through the door and everyone present is switched on and pays attention, so long as someone knows the drill, i cant see it being a problem.
Obviously each raid would need a "leader" who goes through the tactics for that particular raid and everyone then listens and follows. It only doesnt work when everyone wants to do their own thing.
With the casuality of many of the guilds members, i dont think we could have one person consistently lead every raid, so having a few key persons would probably be better.

The officers have posted raids on the in game calendar, but it appears either noone wants to raid (ive never seen more than 3 signups - inclusing myself!), or they just cant be bothered to even download the addon..........either way, not a great start eh.
I obviously cant speak for the higher positions within the guild, this is just me talking out loud.
It's a shame you feel you cant be bothered to play your lvl70.

So is the enthusiasm thats been lost affecting numerous members? have people just lost desire to play? I know alot of people of late have had that feeling, many leaving the game or transferring servers cos they think the grass is greener etc... look at the realm forum and you see a new "im leaving" post every day pretty much...shame really. The game is, afterall, what you make it.

Ok, where do we start? Clearly we do need to go to the drawing board and get as many guildies on board as possible. Answers on a postcard please...lol

Lets bounce ideas off one another here (well, those that read the forum and want to raid anyway) and get something sorted to help everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   Tue Nov 20, 2007 1:08 pm

i agree with you both. but as you know i am not a frequently playing player. i am online a lot but not at the same times. when i am online i am willing to lead a raid, but like you have heard me say before.. i think we need one or two really active players who are online in the night times. Any ideas on how we can get people more active in reading website, and being active in the guild.

would love to see some ideas on that. I am doing the best i can people.

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PostSubject: kara   Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:19 am

well im up for raiding almost all the time but some times on weekends and friday nites i might be going to or at my gf's i can play there but not for amazingly long....
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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:56 am

I too am up for a raid, may I suggest Lloyds TSB. They have ripped me off enough in the past, we should raid them.

Oh, I am up for any in game raids too.
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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:17 pm

I know KZ and gruuls off by heart. and i love to lead them also, done it quite alot. And im a geek *flex* haha xD i'm online all the time. if you need someone to frequently lead for the raids i'm there if you need me no problem. Otherwise if not lead i could at least explain tactics for mobs/bosses etc. Just get a great group and get going Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Does this guild want to raid?   

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Does this guild want to raid?
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