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 Rules Of The Guild

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PostSubject: Rules Of The Guild   Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:57 pm

1. Respect will be given to all other members at all times. Any misconduct and there will be a form of penalty depending on the situation.

2. Jokes are jokes, but when maybe directed at somebody the situation can get ugly. Sexism and racism will not be tolerated and when it leads to an argument and swearing publicly on the guild chat the person/people found responsible for all this will be muted for a short period and an apology will be expected.

3. A basic situation such as saying to a fellow member 'LOL your gear is crap' and commenting on it in a bad way can be harsh. People aren't senseless and were all just trying to play a game here.

4. You must notify the guild of an absense longer than a period of 2 weeks. If not then your character will be demoted to initiate. Upon your return you will be expected to work your way back up.

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Rules Of The Guild
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